Coaching - Individual and Group

What is coaching?

Coaching sessions are professional, confidential and assist you to explore direction and discover what is of value to you. Carer Care International provides coaching to meet your identified need, however, the focus is on resilience, self care and emotional well being.

Professional Coaching is not about ‘rah-rah’ or ‘cheer leading’. Rather, a supportive and considered environment where you articulate your goals, be realistic about your current situation while you are supported as you get clarity about opportunities that are, or can be made available to you.

To assist you to understand your strengths, a PR6 Profile may be undertaken at the first session.  This provides us with a platform to plan what your existing strengths are and what areas we can focus on to assist you  define direction and reach your goals.

Appointments are available by ZOOM or in person.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are available face to face or via ZOOM.  Location is not an issue as time zones can be accommodated. Focus of coaching sessions are related to those in the caring professions and available to organizations or individuals.

Consider if you, your community or your organisation meets the criteria for a partial fee scholarship available via Carer Care Inc.*Conditions apply


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Momentum - Group Coaching

Momentum is a six week group coaching program for those who prefer a group setting or those who want additional support following participation in one of the programs offered. Momentum sessions are held in 'blocks' and periodically throughout the year with each session approx one hour duration and follow up email support in between.

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