As carers, we are similar...

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As carers, we are similar…

The role of a caregiver is distinct from other roles. 

The primary focus is on providing physical, emotional and sometimes medical support to individuals who are unable to care for themselves without assistance. 

There are many similarities with Caregivers and yet you are unique and you are wired to adapt to difficulty and you do have what is needed within you to heal from your current circumstances. You can cite many times where you have overcome adversity and the key is to tap into that part of you that wants to thrive, to flourish and the part of you that has felt fulfilled in the past. 

Perhaps you do not feel this is possible in your current situation. You feel so exhausted…. but trust me…. many carers are experiencing similar thoughts, feelings and behaviours as you are right now. But maybe they are not noticing that emotional exhaustion is creeping in.

Many  of the carers that I work with are sort of similar in a way and there are many aspects in which I relate to them from time to time as  a professional that cares for my clients. 

Caregivers are motivated by compassion and strive to be generous and selfless in their actions as they put the needs of their patients or clients (or family)  before their own needs.

They are always there to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on, are trustworthy, relate well to others and able to communicate well… with just about everybody…are you fitting into the description already? 

I have heard many clients who professionally care for others say things like: ‘I feel selfish and find that acts of self care are selfish especially when I know that someone is in need or that others are experiencing difficulties or are needing support’

Perhaps it is carer fatigue, perhaps it has another label but exhaustion is not a nice place to be. ‘Just snapping out of it’ as some of your well meaning friends may have said, only compounds the feelings of hopelessness. 

You may have heard of the term ‘helpers high’ which is a term that has been around for some time now and describes the positive and uplifting feelings that people experience when they engage in acts of kindness and helping others. Helping others can lead to a sense of euphoria and increased well being, similar to the high that people might experience from physical activity. 

Caregivers can vary widely in terms of their roles, responsibilities, and characteristics, as they work in diverse settings and provide care to individuals with different needs. However, they are at risk of emotional exhaustion as they have a large degree of compassion and empathy and understand and connect with the emotions and struggles of those they care for. Along with compassion and empathy, care giving can be physically and emotionally demanding and caregivers need resilience to cope with stress, manage their own well being and continue to provide quality care. 

So…if caregivers are at risk of emotional exhaustion because of the role they do day to day and are similar in so many ways…what is it that you are doing day to day to manage your own self care?

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Rhonda Emonson

Mediator/Coach/Counsellor and Trainer and Director of Carer Care International International

Equipping those who care for others with resilience skills, self care strategies and emotional well being

Photograph Credit: Dr Atonson and Glenda Atonson- the Philippines



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