Workshops relating to resilience, practitioner self care and emotional wellness

 Workshops are available at various locations and online throughout the year or delivered on request.

Workshops and online skills training to proactively prevent emotional exhaustion for those who care for others

Resilience First Aid Starter Training

Delve into the evolving world of mental health prevention and learn how to create a supportive environment through psycho-social hazard awareness. No prior training or qualifications needed. Resilience First Aid Starter Training (RFAST) is the perfect introduction to community resilience, as well as for those who are interested in pursuing the full 2 day Resilience First Aid Responder Certification (Available separately).

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Resilience First Aid Responder Training

RFA is a new approach to put trained champions who build resilience into communities and organisations. No prior training or qualifications are needed. RFA has been accredited with Suicide Prevention Australia and you may verify professional development hours with completion of the 14 hours training (over two days).

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HART: High Adversity Resilience Training

 HART is a specialised resilience program targeted at building strength in workers exposed to extreme stress. HART takes a broad approach, including change elements across leaders, management, workers and family members to build a truly supportive culture of resilience. Suitable for fire/rescue, health care staff, military, crisis call centre staff, law enforcement and front line staff.

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Practitioner Self Care: A Short Course

In this starter training, you will learn the basics of the R.I.C.E Framework: A four step proces  that includes   recognising your current situation, identifying the issues, creating change and evolving into the person/carer you want to be. The Practitioner Self Care: A Short Course is a four hour program that leads into the more comprehensive course - Caring for Me; So that I can Care for You course available separately. Next enrolment June 2024.

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Women Thriving with Purpose - Creating your Vision

Developed and presented by Dr Amanda Nickson, this virtual workshop facilitates re-discovery of your hopes and dreams; identifies your values and strengths so that they align with your goals and plans and in a supportive environment, create a Vision Board for the future during the workshop.

Workshops delivered on a variety of dates throughout the year.

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Building Resilience

Dr Amanda Nickson has also developed and presents 'Building Resilience'  workshops available face2face and online. Amanda will help you understand the indicators of burnout, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and stress. Dr Nickson will provide strategies to assist you to build resilience, understand when to seek professional help and utilise what is available to you such as clinical supervision, peer supervision and mentoring. Also included are practical strategies to assist you survive and thrive in your caring role and how to develop personalised self care plans.

Workshops delivered on a variety of dates throughout the year

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